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 We currently offer 2 services 


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 Market Update (our most popular service,)


 The focus here is equities (stocks, ETFS, Options, etc).  Technical analysis (esoteric cycle analysis, standard deviation analysis, pattern analysis, etc) , fundamental analysis, and Mass Psychology are used to determine which sectors will yield the highest gains in the years to come. Once we have identified these sectors we then start to look for specific stocks in these sectors. In addition these tools also alert us when its time to stay out of the markets. One of our most powerful tool in our technical analysis arsenal is our Smart money indicator. This is a slow moving extremely accurate indicator. to date it has never let us down and has predicted almost all the tops and bottoms perfectly for the past 12 years.


We also monitor insider trading for unusual insider activity; if a stock is found we then pass it through the above 3 different forms of analysis (Technical, fundamental and Psychological) before we decide to take a position in it for more details on the Market update service.  click here




 VIP Futures    


This service is for  traders who seek to enter the world of futures.   The Quota on this service is very limited as the system we employ would lose its efficacy if there were too many players. For this reason we keep the total number of subscribers below 199.  f you join and our quota has been met, we will issue you an immediate refund and place you on our waiting list. For more details and to subscribe   click here


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